It was in the year of 2000 The Melody set out with the aim of becoming the world's one of the renowned manufacturers of string instruments. The Melody which started with the assistance and devotion of just 4 workers at the beginning has now developed over the 10 years to such an extent that it has now grown into a multitude company with 30 devoted workers. With just a click in the website of The Melody you will gradually enter into larger and larger perspective of the company.

Welcome to our professional website. We are glad enough that you have stepped into our website which will give you a comprehensive information regarding our business, services, products etc. We are pioneer in the field of manufacturing of various wooden parts for western string instruments like Viola, Violin, Cello, Brass and Guitar. We manufacture superiorss quality of Peg, Tailpiece, Chinrest, End pin, Nut & saddle, Finger board, Mute etc.

Our workmanship is highly appreciated by the customers who instantly approve us. They also accept our prices and feel comfortable with our sincere services.

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