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Welcome To Our Store

Welcome to our professional website. We are glad enough that you have stepped into our website which will give you a   comprehensive   information regarding our business, services, products etc. We are pioneer in the field of  manufacturing  of various wooden parts for western string instruments like Viola, Violin, Cello, Brass and Guitar. We manufacture   superiorss   quality of Peg, Tailpiece, Chinrest, End pin, Nut & saddle, Finger board, Mute etc. of various models. Our   workmanship   is highly appreciated by the customers who instantly approve us. They also accept our prices and feel comfortable with our sincere services.


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Why Choose "The Melody"

PRODUCTS:  Superior in quality bearing the marks of skilled craftsmanship.

WORKMANSHIP: Manufacturing  is done with help of highly dedicated and persevere skilled personnel.

SERVICES:  Committed  to achieve customers’ satisfaction with best efforts.

PRICES:  Always ask for highly reasonable  and affordable prices maintaining  the quality standard.

Bass Fingerboard

Fingerboard is a part of most string instruments. It is a thin, long strip of wood
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Guiter Fretboard

Fretboard is one of the importent parts of Guiter instrument
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